Unrelenting audio experts.


Audio should never be recycled.

Powered by Molinare, Sound Warriors is made up of a team of unrelenting audio experts. Offering Foley, Sound Editorial, Sound Design Field Records and Mixing for Games and the Film & TV industry, Sound Warriors go where others don’t dare to go to provide a truly immersive experience.


Sound Warriors’s state of the art facilities allows our team to unleash their creative wild side.

As well as our powerful sound design suites and Dolby Atmos sound stages in Soho, London, Sound Warriors’ boasts four state of the art foley stages in Bedfordshire, with the grounds to carry out exterior records, including weaponry and vehicles, delivering innovation and versatility.

But we’re not only confined to our bricks and mortar. Our Award Winning Warriors will go to every corner of the world to ensure you have the most authentic audio for your story.